Saturday, January 9, 2010

Predicaments in the Mist...

Two Words. One moment. That's all it takes: to make someone a complete stranger; to fell the bridge between the two banks, making the waters impossible to ford.

It's peculiar how these things happen. That it should take thousands of words & hundreds of promises to build; and even countless more to mend, But just two to break!

It's like a castle made from playing cards, beautiful yet delicate & fragile. Why, I often wonder? Why does it have to be cards? Why can't it be stones: strong & solid? But no, it has to be cards all the time. Forsooth!

It's always like that with cards: it's inevitable that the castle should tumble, and we should know that when we build it with all the effort and concentration. But the crux is, we never know, with what we have built the castle, until the tempest: cards or stones.

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