Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Concerning animals and allegories - II

The state assembly elections are approching, and every party has a promise to make, every statesman (ahh, what am i saying! politician is more precise) has a speech to deliver; criticism to make - to criticise the government about the lack of development (like development is a two-day ride), & other parties for making exaggerating promises - & also, to deliver a few promises himself!
Anyway, the hyprocrisy of such 'statemen' is not my topic of discussion today (though i think now that i might like to criticise every one of them, elaborately - maybe later perhaps). What i want to talk about is the more intense and all-pervading battle between the ways of governance..

It was a usual weekday night: the usual cresent moon in sky, the ususal food on the dinner table, and the usual people eating it - me & my parents. The voting for the general election had taken place earlier that day. so i asked dad whether he had voted.
"No, didn't get the time.. was too busy at work", dad replied.
I looked at mum who, too, was busy - with her food though, & said playfully,"no sense in asking her, it wud be a stupid question with a stupider answer."
And with that she got into the argumentative mode & started talking about the useless of voting, that no matter whoever you elect it's still going to be a corrupt bastard (she didn't exactly use the last word, i'm just conveying the gist), that it would have been better with monarchy, and that 'is desh ks kuch nahi ho sakta..', and she went on and on with it...
Then after the storm had subsided, i getting into my philosophical mode, and almost like socrates - after his wife had poured a bucket full of water onto him - said, "No sytem is perfect; it's all about using the flaws to our own conveniences", and smoked from an imginary pipe.


The Dark Prince said...

Hmm ... interesting outlook, I'd say. :-P

Disha said...

nice stufff buddy...!! :-)