Tuesday, August 12, 2008

In which a case is fully discussed....

Hullo hullo-ullo-ullo Hullo-ullo-ullo-ullo-ullo!!!
Greeting, Everyone!!
I’m the new boy on the block – or blog is it…………………*is a trifle disconcerted by his lack of knowledge*……….... Anyway from now on I shall be running this place posting my thoughts and views about ‘what goes on’. So if you ever drop by again and find some new post, do take time to comment on it – even if all you can conjure up is “mphm….”
But first…………… allow me to introduce myself. Now, I wouldn’t bother to tell you my name ‘coz that you have obviously read – and, if you haven’t, you’re an ignorant old fool, I’m sorry to say. So…… yeah, I’m a boy in his teens who shares all those stupid and dumb interests of just another hundred thousand teenagers around the globe (that explains quite a lot about me, doesn’t it?); likes trying new thing; just LOVES reading; likes hanging out with friend and playing the jester of the court (void of a king, that is); is very smart – a very clichéd word of praise that, though I’d rather not believe it; and is, arguably, the most impertinent old blister you’ve ever come across – even this many tell me and some *think of those some, in particular* too often, though I’d prefer to call it bluntness, really (with just a tinge of sarcasm). But then to look at it from another point of view: (oh, how I love quoting!!) “The great secret, Eliza,” says Prof. Henry Higgins, “is not having bad manners or good manners or any other particular sort of manners, but having the same manner for all human souls: in short, behaving as if you were in heaven, where there are no third class carriages, and one soul is as good as another. The question is not whether I treat you rudely, but whether you ever heard me treat anyone else better” that’s what I think of it: better be bluntly rude than a hypocrite and wear rotten masks all the time.
Hmm…. I think I have said enough about myself to last you an eternity.
Now, secondly, a word on my blog’s name: I don’t know for how long I’d let it remain that – I’m pretty capricious, you know – but as long as it is around, I think it best to have cleared the mist around it. You see, the first thing that comes in the mind of a genuine Wodehouse fan on reading the words ‘fried fish’ is Jeeves, the elegant, intelligent and efficient gentleman’s gentleman, ever-willing to let his grey cell be of service to his employer who strives hard day-in and day-out to make a colossal ass of himself in all sorts of unimaginable mis-adventures; and even Jeeves can’t do without a sumptuous helping of fish to keep himself mentally fit for all that hectic brain work. So, if you are not a Wodehouse fan, now you know ‘what’s in the name’………
Just another passing word before I take leave: I am fully aware that I’m not a very good with my pen, even then if you think what I write is complete crap and the only place for it is the bin than the blog, all I can tell you is: HIT THE ROAD!!!
Au revoir!!


Arpita said...

Ahh...I have never read such a unique introductory post. You do not sound like a regular 16 year old blogger...mate. But then again, you arent the regular 16 year old! Lol
Should be interesting to rea your further posts...so keep blogging!

Rucha said...

Hmm... nice! Weird! Potty! Unique! (Apply these adjectives to both, the blog and the writer)
But..tell ya what, dear boy...try making it a bit more vibrant...You lack a bit of SPARK there..(remember?)And yes...YAY!!!! *Performs a war dance complete with the hooting* I DIDN'T NEED A DICTIONARY!!!!! Well then, does that mean you didn't use your excellent vocabulary to its fullest extent or that I've got a good vocabulary too? I prefer to go with the latter! *Smiles...grins...smirks*
Hail Neeraj the OSTENTATIOUS bloke!
Kuch zyaada hi chadha rahi hoon tujhe..hehe

Ninad said...

"likes hanging out with FRIEND and playing the jester of the court (void of a king, that is); is very..."

"Now, have I ever thought of telling him about it? Never! Being INFLUENCE by purism does tend to make you like a sort of propriety "

Ooops!!! Looks like the "influence of purism" hasn't prevented you from omitting a few letters here and there.....Anyway, glancing it aside as a typo, the rest of the blog is pretty much impeccable, except that, as you very well know, your grandiloquent use of bombastic words will bamboozle any average reader...